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Superior Industries Conveyors

ELRUS is the Western Canada, Ontario and Quebec Authorized Dealer for the full line of Superior Conveyors, Parts, Wear Parts and Components.

TeleStacker Solutions

telestacker 325 125If you need to get material from point A to point B, we have the right conveyor for the job. ELRUS is the Canadian dealer for the full line of Superior Industries equipment, parts and components. Whether you need to fill a surge bin, a stockpile or a floating barge, Superior builds it and ELRUS has the experience to help you pick the right one and make your job easier, faster and more economical. Go to TeleStacker

Transfer Conveyors

Superior-36x60-slide-pack-conveyor-systemThe Superior line of conveyors includes:

      • Portable and Groundline Transfer conveyors
    • Stackable Conveyors
      • Stack Pac®
      • Slide Pac®
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Truck Unloader

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Interject a RazerTail® truck unloader into your production to improve belly and end dump truck cycle times, minimize loader use and eliminate any extra handling of material. When eliminating loaders, operators realize substantial savings in labor, fuel and maintenance – while they ensure greater product quality and a safer job site by reducing traffic congestion. Go to Truck Unloading

When a RazerTail truck unloader is used in combination with Superior TeleStacker® Conveyors, operators realize even greater payback in product quality control and cost-per-ton savings. TeleStacker conveyors ensure stockpile quality by building a desegregated stockpile and preventing the compaction or contamination typically seen when using trucks or loaders to build stockpiles.

Core ELRUS Aggregate Equipment Categories

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