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Superior Slide Pac® Conveyors

Superior 36x60 aaaaaaSlide Pac Transfer Conveyor System

These convenient portable conveyors are designed for users looking for an ultra-quick setup from transport to an operating ready position. In less than 10 minutes, our Slide-Pac conveyor system can be pulled into your pit, unloaded and ready for material processing. That’s fast!

Use any loader to activate the system’s heavy duty rollers. Slide one conveyor from the other until your set of three is set to your preference. Our Slide-Pac conveyors are available in packages of 60 or 80 foot conveyors for a total of up to 240 feet in one load.

Superior Stack Pac® Conveyors

superior 36x60 stack pac

Need to move your conveyors often, and had enough of escalating freight and time costs? Reduce the hassle of transport with a conveyor system made with moving in mind.

These specially-designed field truss conveyors stack one on top of the other for transport, offering a cost savings solution to escalating freight prices.

Add it up and you get up to 210 feet of highly mobile production in a single load. Stack-Pac™ conveyors are available in lengths of 60 and 70 feet and are equipped with adjustable height tube legs, tail support legs and strut axles.

Superior Trailblazer Conveyor System

A highly unique innovation, our Trailblazer® Conveyor includes 500-feet of fully-belted and assembled groundline conveyor in a mobile, one-load, towable package.







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