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What Do You Call That Aggregate Equipment

Written by Greg Helfrich | Tue,Jul 22,2014 @ 03:00 PM

As a relative newcomer to this industry (six years) I am not really surprised by the lack of consistency in nomenclature. In agriculture where I grew up, a farmer in Kansas had a different name than a farmer in Saskatchewan for the identical part, machine or feature.

Just for fun I thought I’d start a conversation about nomenclature in this industry, trying to identify the various names everything is called. The value of this exercise will be the potential time savings people see from developing a unofficial crushing and screening naming guide that I will keep current.

Here goes, the grouped by what I feel are the most common names, hopefully this can be a resource for all of us in this business.


Jaw Crusher
Primary Crusher

Bell Thing
Manganese Liner

Bowl Liner

Head Pulley
Wing Pulley

Jaw Plate
Jaw Die
Wear Plate

Tail Pulley
Drum Pulley

Control Tower
Pop-up Tower
Top House
Operator Room
Control Van

Surge Bin
Load Out Buggy
Feed Bin

Key Plate

Heel Plate
Cheek Plate
Side Liners