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Self-Contained Compact Crushing Spread

Developed with the portable producer in mind, the plant was designed with an emphasis increasing plant efficiency, reducing size and weight, and lowering the overall cost of ownership by increasing in-spec uptime production and reducing maintenance and downtime.

ELRUS self contained portable crushing spread

Consisting of an ELRUS MS612 6x12’ 3-deck feeder screen plant and a self-contained Sandvik 200 H.P. CH430 cone crusher with ASRi automated cone control.

These units are engineered to handle large loads in comparison to their smaller size and are able to get into locations that a larger more typical crushing spread wouldn’t be able to go. Both plants feature run-on hydraulic leveling and hydraulic adjustable onboard feed and discharge conveyors to facilitate rapid mobilization and optimize plant efficiency.

The ASRi2.0 has a user friendly, simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) with a touch screen and automatically controls the crusher allowing the operator to obtain the highest rate of reduction and improved particle shape while protecting the equipment from overload and overflow while also monitoring for other events that could occur, allowing ample time to make changes and adjustments to prevent possible damage.

Completely Self-Contained Crushing and Screening on two chassis.

  • small-site-plan.pngTwo chassis to pull
  • Smaller footprint than a traditional spread
  • Setup and crushing in under two hours

 Chassis #1

ELRUS Feeder-Screen (36” Feeder, MS612 - 6x12’ 3-Deck High-capacity Multi-slope Screen) 

Chassis #2 

Sandvik CH430 Cone Crusher, 36” In/Out Conveyors, Control Centre Enclosure with: Tower, Switchgear, and 500kW Genset.


These units are engineered to handle large loads in comparison to their smaller size and are able to get into locations that a larger spread would be unable to fit into.

Multi-slope screen technology developed by ELRUS combined with smart crusher technology from Sandvik enables these plants to run at maximum efficiency and allows a smaller physical size plant without sacrificing production volumes.

Download the Self-contained Compact Spread Brochure

CH430 Self Contained Cone Crusher

Sandvik CH430 200 HP Hydrocone Crusher w/ASRi Automated Cone Control, In/Out Conveyors, Control Center Enclosure w/ Tower, Switchgear and 500 kW Genset.

ch430 self-contained cone crusher

 Sandvik CH430 Hydrocone Crusher with ASRi computer automated cone control.

ELRUS Self-Contained CH430 Cone Crushing PlantTravel Weights & Dimensions

Axle: 55787 lb (19,472 kg) Pin: 42929 lb (19,472 kg)
Length: 65'-7"
Height: 13'-10"
Width: 12'-4"

Self-contained Cone Plant Features

  • Sandvik CH430 Hydrocone Crusher
  • ELRUS 3600 Litre / 800 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • 36” x 27’ Feed Conveyor
  • Tramp Metal Protection Magnet
  • 36” x 37’ Return Conveyor
  • Two Cylinder “Run On” Hydraulic Levelling System
  • Chassis Mounted Control Center Enclosure c/w Tower, Electrical Switch Gear, Gen Set
  • ELRUS 4½ ' X 8' Control Tower, Inside Height 6'-8”

MS612 6x12' 3-Deck Feeder Screen

ELRUS Feeder-Screen (36” Feeder, MS612 - 6x12’ 3-Deck High-capacity multi-slope Screen)


ELRUS MS612 Feeder Screen Plant Working Dimensions

Travel Weights & Dimensions

Axle: 51,177 lb (23,213 kg) Pin: 33,605 lb (15,243kg)
Length: 69’
Height: 14’
Width: 12’-5”

Feeder Screen Features

  • 15 Cubic Yard Self-Relieving Hopper
  • Hydraulic Side Dump Grizzly
  • 36” Feed Belt with Integral Drive System
  • ELRUS MS612 6x12’ 3-Deck Screen
  • 42” Under-Screen Conveyor
  • 2- 36” Cross Conveyors
  • Hydraulic Leveling Package