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ELRUS Aggregate Systems has developed into a significant International supplier of crushing and screening equipment that enjoys a solid reputation established by strict adherence to ethical business practices and uncompromising quality of products and service.

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What Do You Call That Aggregate Equipment


As a relative newcomer to this industry (six years) I am not really surprised by the lack of consistency in nomenclature. In agriculture where I grew up, a farmer in Kansas had a different name than a farmer in Saskatchewan for the identical part, machine or feature.  

Free Crushing Profitability Upgrades


What is the biggest idea you can apply and see added profits for little to no cost?

The answer is pretty un dramatic... an adequate production record keeping system. That's right; an adequate production record keeping system is the foundation of all your attempts to become more productive and for a number of reasons.

Crushing Equipment Purchase Price Means Less Than You Think

maximize productivity minimize downtime

The purchase price of crushing equipment or consumables such as screen media vary at least 50% in terms of purchase price. Scan the market and you will find 300 Horsepower Cone Plants range from $300,000 to $600,000. Screen cloth for a carry deck ranges from $1,000 to $7,000. The list of comparisons goes on and on to every nut, bolt, roller and component of a crushing operation.

If purchase price was the determining factor in profitability, why does a difference in price exist? Wouldn’t the operations that spent the least amount of money on equipment, parts and service own the market? One look around tells you that this isn’t the case. If you dig deeper, it’s the operators who understand the two drivers of crushing profitability that are the most successful. Those drivers are:

Hold On To Your Cables and Keep An Eye On Your Copper Wire

copper wire

In the past decade, incidents of copper wire theft have risen dramatically.

Driven by the demand for building materials in burgeoning overseas markets like China and India, copper prices have risen more than 400% in the past five years and shows no signs of stopping.

ELRUS Announces Western U.S. Expansion

ELRUS Crushing Spread

ELRUS Aggregate Systems Announces Western U.S. Expansion.
Set to hire up to 100 employees over the coming months.

ELRUS Aggregates Systems headquartered in Calgary, Canada, is pleased to announce the expansion into the Western United States with the opening of its Eloy, Arizona operations. The coming months will entail facility expansion, hiring and training employees with a grand opening scheduled for late summer 2013. Establishing Eloy is the second step of a larger expansion into the United States. The manufacturing capacity in Eloy will serve demand from the United States and provide extra capacity to meet continued strong demand in Canada. ELRUS is also in the process of establishing sales and service offices and recently acquired and opened a facility in Sumner, Washington. 

Knowing the 4 Types of Crusher Spares Can Help Reduce Your Downtime

Spare crushing and screening parts

Whether your crushing spread is the integral link for a mining operation, producing road gravel for the local municipality, or making plant mix for a highways project, extended downtime due to a lack of parts inventory is a profit killer!

An effective spares program is your best defense against unplanned and extended downtime. Often times saving a couple of days of run time over the course of a crushing season will pay for the cost of stocking the necessary, and sometimes even the unnecessary parts. 

12 Biggest Conveyor Challenges & How to Overcome Them.

Superior Conveyors

At a recent training seminar at the ELRUS branch in Leduc, AB, participants were asked to list their single biggest challenge or problem in regard to their conveyors.

The questions were then reviewed by Kevin Beyer and Tom Hesse, of Superior Industries and then answered before the group which consisted of crushing and screening professionals from across Western Canada and the United States.

7 Screen Maintenance Checks & Product Upgrades You Should Consider

elrus screen maintenance

Many operators have a conflicted relationship with screen boxes.

Let me clarify: most operations would love to see more screening capacity and uptime from their screen box, but are loath to spend time working on and inside of one.

Cold Weather Conveyor Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

The winter freeze hit Western Canada at the end of October – a month earlier than the previous two years. This means that your gear has been subjected to an additional month of wear and tear while operating at the extremes of winter.

Over the next couple of weeks the Pit Boss Blog will be highlighting various pieces of equipment, maintenance checks that should be done, as well as some product solutions that should be considered improve productivity and/or durability.

5 Reasons Haul Trucks Don't Make the Grade for Aggregate Stockpiling

over land conveyors, aggregate stockpile, radial stackers, conveyor vs haul truck

Despite their shortcomings, the haul trucks keep rolling.

But more and more, we are seeing the dollar savvy operator switching from trucks to using conveyors and stackers for stockpiling their aggregate material.

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