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Reducing the Cost of Wear Parts, Sandvik HX900 Cast In Carbide

Posted by ELRUS Aggregate Systems on Thu,Jan 11,2018 @ 09:15 AM

sandvik cast in carbide wear solutionsThe crushing business requires heavy duty equipment which has been designed to take a lot of punishment. For most operators, replacing wear parts is a significant ongoing expense necessary to keep equipment in service. Finding a way to reduce the cost of wear on equipment is a highly desirable goal to increase their profitability.

But how can a business reduce the cost of wear parts?  
By using wear protection.

To extend the lifespan of specific pieces of a crushing plant, Sandvik has been manufacturing high-quality wear parts for decades. The Sandvik wear parts are used on crushing and screening equipment, and they can also be used in other areas of the quarry, such as loaders, dozers, and excavators. It can also be formed into blades for snow plows and graders for road maintenance. In Europe, they have been used on equipment in the construction & mining industry, and they are starting to be used in the North American mining operations due to the high wear in various applications.

One such series of wear parts is the HX900.

These parts are cast in carbide which combines nodular iron and carbide to get a high wear resistance. The two are bonded together to form one metal which will outlast and outwear competitors’ products. They have proven to last five times longer than white iron, and 20 times longer than quenched steel.

Sandvik Wear Protection SegmentsThe Sandvik HX900 standard product line consists of:

  • 2 sizes of chocky bars 

  • 2 sizes of pucks or buttons

  • 2 sizes of skid plates 

  • 12x12 plates


HX900 can be formed with bolt holes, backing bolts or mild steel backing molded in them, so customers can easily weld them to buckets, crusher parts, chutes, any high wear areas in all applications. The HX900 parts eliminate the need for replacing steel or iron wear plates. The segments are small and lightweight, easy to store, stock, and handle. They can replace custom conventional wear materials, and can be delivered in standard shapes or made-to-measure custom sizes. With a minimum need of welding to protect large surfaces, the HX900 segments are an excellent alternative to steel, white iron, and hardfacing, which can lead to cracking of major structural components. No preheating is required during installation.  Because of their superior durability, they will greatly outlast and lower the cost of wear parts replacement for multiple high wear areas.

Other HX900 standard parts are road maintenance products, consisting of snow plow blades, plow skies and pucks, and grader blades. The HX900 used in these applications has shown to cut costs due to longevity, and ease of attachment for several bolt hole patterns built into each blade.

While the HX900 wear parts were developed in Europe thirty years ago, they have only been available in the North American market for about three years. ELRUS is the North American distributor for Sandvik in Canada from Ontario to BC, and in the US in Washington, Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

If you would like to learn more about how HX900 parts could be used on your equipment, you can click the link below or call for more information.

HX900 Link 

Topics: Sandvik, Crusher Wear Parts

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