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Haul Trucks vs Conveyors

Overland conveyors offer cost-effective material transportation and a wide spectrum of capacities that can vary from a trickle of material all the way up to 10,000 tons per hour.

CONVEYORE VS HAUL TRUCK, aggregate conveyors, radial stackers, tele stackers, Superior IndustriesEconomically Smart:

  • Reduce dependency on haul trucks
  • More downtime is required to keep trucks and loaders operating efficientl
  • Conveyor systems are less labor intensive
  • Lifespan of more than 20-plus years

Energy Efficient Idlers. Add Superior’s Moxie® Rolls to create an even higher level of earth friendly, energy efficiency.

  • Reduced weight decreases horsepower requirements
  • Up to 3x quieter than conventional steel idlers
  • Rust resistant high density polyethylene reduces change-outs

Environmentally Friendly. Beyond costs-per-ton, conveyors help users avoid ever-tightening and expensive environmental regulations.

  • 98% reduction in particulate matter emissions
  • Dust, noise and traffic reduction
  • Eliminate dependency on unstable fuel prices

Industry Leading Warranty Coverage. Our industry leading warranty and support programs provide you with security and peace of mind.

  • 5 year complete structural warranty
  • 2 year complete conveyor warranty
  • 2 year complete components warranty
  • Local service and support
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