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Van and Tower Brochure

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ELRUS 53' Control Trailer Package

ELRUS Control Vans and Towers feature superior construction and are designed to maximize durability, reduce maintenance and keep your operation up and running smoothly.

elrus control van 695x300ELRUS Control trailer Packages feature:
6’x10’ control tower
Roof mounted 4’x8’ platform c/w fold down railing
Formed 12 gauge rooftop reinforcement around front and 1 side of tower
Steel side door with lockable handle and striker
Emergency ladder
17’ generator room c/w insulated partition wall
Double walled 7774 litre / 2050 US gallon envirotank c/w locking cap and fuel level indicator
Breather vent with grate in floor for generator make up air

ELRUS 11,340 Litre / 3000 US (2,495 Imp) Gallon Fuel Tank
Fuel tank drainage pump

ELRUS  Aggregate Systems Control Trailer ga