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Let's talk washing & classifying.

Sand Manager® Classifying Tanks

ELRUS 6x20-3 Deck Wet/Dry Screen Plant and McLanahan Sand Classifyer TankSand-Manager® Classifying Tanks provide a simple method to remove excess water, slimes or undesirable grain sizes from natural or crushed sand feeds. By separating the sand fractions and reblending them according to a computer program, you can make multiple products simultaneously from the same feed. Products from the Sand-Manager®

Classifying Tanks are dewatered with Fine Material Screw
Washers or Dewatering Screens. With low initial cost andeasy operation, this system offers advantages to producersprimarily interested in making concrete and mason sands. describe the image

Ultra Sand Plants

mclanahan ultra sand plantSystems for natural and manufactured sands utilizing Cyclones, Dewatering Screen(s), Sumps and Pumps are  designed to control the bottom end of the sand spec while producing the driest possible product. Single and multiple product and modular plants available.

Advantages: Improved yield, highest production rate,
drier product and modular design. describe the image

Fine Material Screw Washers

mclanahan screwScrew Washers are an effective way to wash, de-water, de-slime and control the bottom end of the gradation. A large pool area provides maximum retention of desirable product sizes, while a rising current system floats off the excess “fines”.
Advantages: Simple to operate, limited maintenance
and low power consumption. describe the image

McLanahan Dewatering Screens

mclanahan dewatering screenDewatering Screens were introduced in the late 1970’s by McLanahan personnel and quickly became the standard in the mining industry. Dewatering screens offer multiple advantages for construction and specialty aggregate producers, including a dry “drip-free” product that other types of equipment cannot provide.

Dewatering Screens areused in many applications including dewatering products from Sand Classifying Tanks and Screws, or within a system such as the Recipe Sand Plant. describe the image