Sandvik CH550 Hydrocone

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Let's talk about Cone Crushing.

ELRUS | Sandvik CH550 Hydrocone Crusher

Sandvik CH550 450 HP Cone Crusher


  • 21” WF Strapped and cambered main frame with ¾” x 6” flat bar
  • ELRUS Tri-axle axle walking beam suspension
  • Four (4) blocking legs
  • Twelve (12) – 11:00 R x 22.5 Budd wheels and radial tires
  • Airbrakes, running lights, and mud flaps
  • Floating subframe & motor mount for cone c/w 6 rubber compression mounts
  • Platform, stairway and guard for cone drive
  • Fold out guards between cone legs for under conveyor protection     
  • Fixed walkway on both sides of cone and across front with hand rails and kick plate
  • Access ladder to chassis
  • Clamp-on cone feed hopper
  • Plant sandblasted, primed, and painted
  • Drive and belt guarding
  • Return roller guards provided on rollers accessible from normal working surfaces
  • Cable wraps mounted on hand rails
  • Air to Oil cooler c/w temperature control shutters
  • Positive pressure air pump mounted on front of Chassis
  • Bottle jack and jack stand


  • Sandvik CH550 Hydrocone Crusher 
  • ASRi 2.0 computer automated cone control 
  • 450 hp drive motor


  • Hydraulic raise and lower on return conveyor • Cone feed raise and lower on discharge end.
Sandvik CH 550 General Arrangement