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Superior Chevron Wing Pulley

Chevron wing pulleyV-Shaped Wing Pulley Deflects Fugitive Material

Quick Specs:
Classes: CEMA, Mine and Super Duty
Diameters: 10″- 42″
Face Widths: 12″- 75″

Deflects and Sheds Material
  • Traditional Wing: Rocks impact directly perpendicular to the wing, causing material to trap
  • Chevron Wing: Rocks hit the wings at a glancing blow, deflecting fugitive material out and away

Reduces Wing or Fin Bending

  • Traditional Wing: Over time, trapped fugitive material causes wings to tip or bend
  •  Chevron Wing: Constant deflection prevents entrapment of fugitive material

Longer Lasting Belts

  • Traditional Wing: Trapped material, bent wings and sharp contact bars cause belt damage
  • Chevron Wing: Even wearing rounded contact bars and fewer bent wings preserve belting

50 Decibels Quieter

  • Traditional Wing: Apex shape causes belt flapping, vibration and 120 db of noise
  • Chevron Wing: Continuous belt contact reduces  beating action and vibration