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Godbey Red-E-Mix - Brewster, WA

Posted by Wade Buehler on Jul 17, 2017 2:42:47 PM

Godbey Red-E-Mix spread picture

 Godbey Red-E-Mix
Brewster, WA
David Freels

Godbey Red-E-Mix is a 3rd generation family business that has been helping build the state of Washington for nearly 70 years.

“With our old plant, it took us forever to tear it down and set it up. And I mean forever. We had a screen, 2 cones, a jaw.  It took us 3 weeks to tear all of it down, and another 3 weeks to set it back up. Now with our ELRUS plant, we have a jaw, cone plant, van, control tower and two screens. Tear down and set up together are 3 to 4 days. So that is a huge difference.

We lost so much time moving the old plant - basically an entire summer - that we stopped moving it. It was just too much money and time lost. With the new plant, I have already moved it two times this summer. We can do the tear down in one day, move one day and set up one day.

In the last 2 years, we went from owning 2 pits to 4 pits, which has justified the purchase of a new crusher.  We’re really happy with the equipment and they guys at ELRUS have been unbelievable.

We have saved a lot of money in labour and production costs. We were using a boom truck, and we still use it for the ELRUS plant to take the jaw apart. But otherwise, it is so much simpler and we have seen a dramatic change in moving time and down time.  If I had to do it all over again, I would buy another ELRUS plant because of the ease of set-up and the productivity gained.  The plant has done everything that ELRUS said it would do and more.”

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