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Maximize Production with Sandvik Cones and CLP

Posted by ELRUS Aggregate Systems on Mon,Aug 20,2012 @ 10:13 AM

Constant Liner Performance, (CLP) – A design feature that truly sets Sandvik Cones apart from the competition.

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CLP comes standard on all Sandvik cone crushers. It offers producers:

  • Constant feed acceptance capability
  • Increased output
  • High quality products
  • Increased liner life
  • Lowest total cost

How does Constant Liner Performance affect production?

The almost vertical profile in the feed opening area results in the shape of the chamber remaining virtually unchanged throughout the wearing life of the liners. The feed size and the volume of the crushing chamber also remain constant; therefore, the production rate of the crusher is not reduced as the liners wear.

Comparatively, adjustment of a Bonnet or Bowl of a conventional crusher reduces the Feed Size and the Chamber Volume. The result is a reduction of productivity and income.

For example:

All things being equal, the production rates of a Hydrocone and Conventional Crusher are 200 TPH of finished product at the beginning of the liner life. 

Liners in both crushers last 1 month.

Selling price of the finished product is $5.00/T.

Crusher operates 10 hours per day. (200 tph x $5/t x 10h/d = $10,000.00 per day)

Operation runs 20 days per month. (20 days x $10,000.00 = $200,000.00 per month)

At the time of liner change the Conventional Crusher has lost 20% production as a result of Reduced Feed Size and Reduced Crushing Chamber Volume.

Let’s say the average production loss is 10% per month. 

10% of $200,000.00 = $20,000.00 of lost Income Per Month

$20,000.00 x 12 months = $240,000.00 of lost income per year using a Conventional Crusher compared to a Sandvik Hydrocone.

The Hydrocone’s production remains the same throughout its liner life.

The Constant Liner Performance (CLP) is just one design feature of the Sandvik Hydrocone that will increase your crusher’s profitability and significantly reduce the overall cost of ownership.


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