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Portable Crushing and Screening Solutions for the Mining Industry

Posted by ELRUS Aggregate Systems on Tue,Aug 28,2012 @ 01:06 PM

The new mainstream for the Canadian Mining Industry.

Portable equipment has been around for many years and designs have undergone many stages of evolution as demands for increased production, mobility, safety and tighter product specifications have come about.


Portable crushing and screening equipment has met the test of time and risen to the top to become the new mainstream for the Canadian Mining Industry. Offering producers convenient tested designs that feature:

  • Rapid Deployment,
  • No Demobilization,
  • Reduced Set Up Costs
  • Faster Cash Flow.

Mobilization, maintenance, versatility, low initial capital investment and quick turnaround from discovery to cashflow are key factors in determining suitable equipment for mining applications. Requirements and conditions vary greatly from mine site to mine site. Portable equipment offers operators convenience, maximum versatility and increased durability to operate under diverse and extreme conditions.

One of the reasons for the rise in portable equipment is convenience. Because portable equipment is pre-engineered there’s no guesswork involved: the designs have already been built, the equipment is in stock and you can see it operating at mine sites all over the world. Every piece of ELRUS equipment comes with more than 37 years of innovation, design evolution and field-proven experience.

By virtue of its design, portable equipment offers operators many advantages over larger stationary crushing plants. Portability has many benefits. The primary benefit is that well-engineered portable equipment allows operators to locate crushing equipment close to the material they are processing and relocating as required in order to maintain proximity to the material. Many operators realize significant savings in time, fuel, maintenance and production costs.

ELRUS equipment is modular

We pioneered common level design to accelerate set up and tear down processes and eliminate the need for loose conveyors. Every chassis has onboard feed and discharge conveyors and is designed to “fit” together with one component feeding the next. This allows for easy customization and offers maximum flexibility: an entire crushing spread can be mobilized in as little as 3 to 4 hours, without the use of cranes. One chassis can be replaced with another, allowing easy upgrades or changes to the configuration of the crushing spread.

Maintenance is simplified

Maintaining a modular plant takes less time for a few reasons. The lack of “clutter” from loose conveyors, designed with operators in mind to accommodate service and maintenance, components are easily accessible for repair or replacement, and service accessible for replacement, modernization or increased production requirements.

Give us a call to see how our experience can benefit you.

Ready to improve your screening performance? Download our 18 Tips to Efficient Screening:

Efficient Screening Tips - ELRUS Screening Tips

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