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Dare to Compare: There's Two Sides to Every Story

Posted by ELRUS Aggregate Systems on Wed,Nov 21,2012 @ 08:18 AM

I have long said that the North American Aggregate and Mining industry is the ultimate setting for the Ford vs. Chevy debate; both literally and figuratively.

Apples to oranges comparisson

Literally speaking, I have not been on many jobsites where some attempt wasn’t made to goad me into the age old debate. This despite the fact that I was driving a company truck, for me when I was handed the keys to my 2010 F150 it didn’t cross my mind to ask for a Silverado instead. Regardless, I was expected to defend my choice of driving a Ford to anyone that preferred Chev’s. About the time I figured out how to side step this debate without insulting the Ford or Chev supporter, just to complicate things, Dodge guy showed up.

Figuratively speaking, the industry is full of two sided debates that have staunch and well informed supporters on either side, and of course there is always an upstart third or fourth option.

Examples you say? Where to begin?

  • Horizontal vs. Inclined Screen boxes? And What about the emerging trend of multi slope decks?
  • Baldor Dodge Power Transmission Components vs. Emerson Browning
  • Vulcanized Belts vs. Mechanically Spliced
  • Caterpillar Equipment vs. Everyone
  • Sandvik Hydorcone Crushers vs. Metso HP Series

And the debate is not limited to just equipment, but extends to processes as well:

  • Stockpiling with Radial Telescoping Conveyors vs. Rock Trucks
  • VGF type Primary Jaw Plants vs. Belt Feeders and Screen/Jaw Plants
  • Track Mounted Equipment vs. Wheeled Portable

The one reality of these never ending debates is that each argument has its merits depending on the specific application. There is no universal answer or solution. That said, as an end user, it is important to communicate both the scope and the range of your application to your key suppliers so they can help you make the right choices when choosing the optimal set up for your particular operation.

In the meantime, the debate(s) will rage on! We want to hear your arguments so please hit us with a like on Facebook, a follow on twitter (@ELRUSMatt, @ELRUSWade), or a comment on our blog page and tell us why your solutions work for you, and where your application has challenged you. We will use these various forums to keep the debates going, and hopefully further all of our understandings of when, why, and where to look at some of the other options out there.

Matthew Armstrong (ELRUS Aftermarket Sales)


Ready to try something new after all those equipment debates?


Topics: Aggregate Equipment Maintenance, gravel screening, Gravel Crusher, Sandvik Mobile Crushing and Scereening, screens, Sandvik

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