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5 Reasons Haul Trucks Don't Make the Grade for Aggregate Stockpiling

Posted by ELRUS Aggregate Systems on Tue,Dec 11,2012 @ 09:07 AM

Despite their shortcomings, the haul trucks keep rolling.

But more and more, we are seeing the dollar savvy operator switching from trucks to using conveyors and stackers for stockpiling their aggregate material.

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In this ever increasing environmentally conscious world where spec is king and optimized production is the goal, the practicality and popularity of utilizing conveyors to move material from point A to point B is on the rise.

The one advantage to haul trucks is that they are flexible. I think that really just means that they’re easier to point in a different direction, as opposed to groundline conveyors which, because of their attached to the ground nature are slightly more difficult to move. Aside from that though, the disadvantages far out weight the advantages.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 Reasons Haul Trucks Don't Make the Grade.

1. They don't make the grade.

Once there's a hill involved, haul truck safety becomes an issue. Haul trucks are designed to operate on a level surface with a maximum of a 6 degree incline, once there's hills involved everything from safety to operating cost changes.

2. Longer downtime periods required for maintenance and service.

The equipment has to be shut down while a specialized technician comes in with his specially outfitted truck to service the equipment. Many parts are specialized and sometimes things like tires are difficult if not next to impossible to locate.

3. Higher operating costs

Let’s face it, the trucks don’t drive and load themselves. They burn fuel require more maintenance and there’s an operator in each piece of equipment. We all know what happens when you get the people involved. Holidays, overtime, labor, workers compensation, training and any number of “other considerations” come into play, all of which at one point or other have at least some effect on your bottom line.

4. Environmental issues

Burning fuel, leaking oil exhaust and groundwater contamination merely top the charts of this list. The rules certainly aren’t becoming any more lax and as more and more of us find ourselves working in areas where civilization is relentlessly encroaching upon our domain, it can only get worse. At least we know how the bears in Banff feel.

Show your crew the basics and improve your stockpiling solutions today: Haul Trucks vs. Conveyors

Topics: overland conveyor, haul trucks, rock trucks, Radial Stackers, gravel stockpiling

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